Sunday, June 16, 2013

Selection multiple options from Drop-down with Checkbox List

In Continuation of the Drop-down topic that i have written earlier ( Click to read) , i forget to mention one more kind of Drop-down  as given below :-

 This works as follow   , on clicking All residential Properties , a drop down will appear with multiple checkbox to select . user can select Multiple option at a time from this Checkbox list . The Concept for this is again same

Click on Main element , wait for subelement to appear on the screen and click on submenu one by one using ActionBuilder Class. Let's come to code

    Actions action = new Actions(driver);
    WebElement mainDropdownElement = driver.findElement("proptypecheck")); // main Element
    WebElement subElement1 = driver.findElement("ptypecheck_5")); // Sub Element 1
    WebElement SubElement2 = driver.findElement("ptypecheck_8")); // SubElement 2
    /* Action_one basically dealing with clicking main Element and action after that is clicking on Checkboxex one by one */   
    Action action_one =;
    Thread.sleep(2000);    ;

Hope that Helped ....

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